CelestHealth Policies

Terms of Service

This Web site, www.celesthealth.com is provided as an information source for our behavioral health assessment software and services. All materials contained herein are copyrighted and protected as proprietary intellectual property. No content on this site may be duplicated or used without prior consent from CelestHealth . We reserve the right to gather statistics on site usage and track who is visiting CelestHealth.com. We will not sell this information, but may use it to pursue sales opportunities and monitor site visitors.

Privacy Policy

We at CelestHealth believe in full protection of your private, personal information and we employ the most advanced security measures and business practices to make certain your personal information is safe. CelestHealth.com, hereafter referred to as the "Site", does contain pages where we collect personal information. To demonstrate our commitment to your personal privacy, this statement contains our business policies regarding your personal privacy.


It is in our best interest to fully disclose our business policies regarding your personal privacy. The Site does contain areas where we require you to enter your contact information. This personal, identifiable information is collected and maintained in our client database. We will contact you using the information you provided to us with the understanding that your personal information will be securely stored and not disclosed to third parties. By sending us your contact information, you agree to be contacted by CelestHealth representatives in the future, unless you ask to be removed from our client database. We will gladly honor your request.

Security Measures

Using the most advanced server technology, CelestHealth protects the integrity of your personal information in secure databases housed in state-of-the-art data centers. When entering any sensitive information, particularly personal or billing information, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and ensure your information is encrypted and protected against unauthorized use.

Unsolicited Email

CelestHealth does NOT send unsolicited email, nor do we collect your information and sell it to other companies who do send that type of material. We value the personal information of our customers and will not violate their privacy. By providing us with your personal information, we keep it safe and secure and will NEVER sell that information to other parties.

CelestHealth does not accept inbound SPAM or other unsolicited email messages associated with this Web property or its domain name, www.CelestHealth.com. Any unsolicited messages or SPAM sent to CelestHealth staff or the aforementioned domain name will be filtered according to the Filtering Policy described below. Senders of unsolicited email are considered to be in breach of the CelestHealth Privacy Policy and subject to civil and or criminal liabilities which may apply.

Internal Email Filtering

All email sent to any email account at CelestHealth.com is filtered to reduce the amount of unsolicited bulk email we receive on a daily basis. If these filters have inadvertently returned your legitimate email, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please email a copy of your returned message along with the email address of the intended recipient to [email protected]. We will work to resolve the issue. Please be aware that you may be sending email through a shared network that may be used for bulk email by another party.


This Site may contain links to outside vendors or partner services. CelestHealth assumes no responsibility for the content or the individual privacy policies and practices of these Web sites. Please read the privacy policies of these individual Web sites as their policies may differ from ours.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us and we will explain our practices in detail.